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Wysłany: 2017-10-23 05:28:05, Temat: Percy Harvin hit top five

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Neither are the Dallas Cowboys, who, after seeing Victor Butler depart last week, also took a last look at their 2009 draft class. The 'Boys made a league high 12 selections in '09 none of those players remain on the roster today. That's horrible.

Then again, so was the rest of the draft. None of the first 25 players taken have ever been named first team All Pro. (Matthew Stafford, Brian Orakpo and Brian Cushing have come the closest.) Only one guy from the entire first round has received the honor: Clay Matthews (26th overall pick) following the 2010 season. In fact, the saving grace of this draft might be the number of decent players who came after Pick 200, including Mr. Irrelevant, Ryan Succop.

Sure, there are some quality names below. And we did our best to fill each team's needs (except for the Cowboys, Patriots and Bears, who didn't have first round picks). Still, compared to say, the , the '09 version bites the big one. cheap soccer jerseys That year boasted Jake Long, Chris Long, Matt Ryan, Jerod Mayo, Ryan Clady, Joe Flacco, Chris Johnson, Duane Brown, Brandon Flowers, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, Cliff Avril, Brandon Carr, Carl Nicks and Stevie Johnson, to name a few.

So with that in mind, please hesitate before complaining about your team's do over pick lacking typical first round flashiness there just wasn't much of it to go around in 2009. That is, unless you have a Mark Sanchez Fathead on your wall.

Without further ado, let's re draft that first round from four years ago. Per the usual, your thoughts are welcome .

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Pick: Matthew Stafford, QBBy and large, Stafford has been an excellent top pick. Yes, he was hurt for much of his first two seasons, but over the last two, he's started every game and proven incredibly productive. He took the Lions to their first playoff berth since 1999 on the strength of 41 touchdown passes in 2011.

2) St. Louis Rams

Pick: Jason Smith, OT

Do over: Mike Wallace, WR

Seriously, how long have the Rams needed help at wide receiver, specifically a deep threat? No. 2 overall might seem a little steep for Wallace, who has his problems holding onto the ball, but not when you see how thin the 2009 draft was/is. By the way, the Rams' leading wideout that year (Donnie Avery) had all of 589 yards receiving.

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3) Kansas City Chiefs

Pick: Tyson Jackson, DE

Do over: Josh Freeman, QB

Just wholesale nba jerseys think, if the Chiefs made the move on the somewhat local K State QB, they could have averted signing Matt Cassel to a $60 million contract that returned about $6 mill in dividends.

4) Seattle Seahawks

Pick: Aaron Curry, LB

Do over: Brian Cushing, LB

Curry was a bust. The choice at linebacker comes down to Cushing and Clay Matthews, two of the cheap nba jerseys prizes of the '09 draft. Cushing's ability Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys to play inside or outside makes him the choice here. Seattle has made hay as a high pressure 4 3 team, whereas Matthews fits better as an outside backer in the 3 4.

5) New York Jets

Pick: Mark Sanchez, QB

Do over: Percy Harvin, WR

The Jets certainly needed a quarterback in 2009, yet the only two decent QBs Stafford and Freeman are off the board. Enter Harvin, who would have eliminated the need to acquire Santonio Holmes in 2010. Let's be honest: Holmes has been mostly a distraction in New York without the production to offset it.

6) Cincinnati Bengals

Pick: Andre Smith, OT

Do over: Arian Foster, RB

Foster, who amazingly went undrafted in 2009, goes sixth overall in the re draft. Still too low? Well, I have my reasons . Steven Jackson was outstanding in 2009 for the Rams, Jamaal Charles has been a great pick for the Chiefs, and the Marshawn Lynch deal worked well for the Seahawks. The issue: the Jets. Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene provided a real 1 2 punch for a club that landed in the AFC Championship Game. It's the passing game that's been the HUGE problem. Thus, the Jets snag Harvin, and Foster lands in Cincy, which ultimately makes re signing Cedric Benson unnecessary. Or, Foster beats out Benson sometime in 2010, allowing the Bengals to shop Benson for extra picks.

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